Chinese Baptist Church of New Orleans 新奥尔良华人浸信会 - 紐奧良華人浸信會
Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013
     Recording 錄音    
     Order of Worship 崇拜程序       Video  視頻   

          1.    Overture 序曲:
                            滿江紅 River in Full Crimson
                                  Music: River in Full Crimson (Ancient Melody)                            
          2.    Amazing Love 奇異的愛:
                 受難歌 Passion Song
                                   曲: 《滿江紅》治心齋琴學練要
                                   Music: River in Full Crimson (Qin Melody)
                                   詞: 李趙福生
                                   Lyric: Li Zhao Fusheng            
          3.    Fall of Man 人的墮落:
                       失樂園 Paradise Lost
                                   曲: 《黃水謠》冼星海
                                   Music: Yellow River Song (Xian Xinghai)
                                   詞: 尤誠  
                                   Lyric: You Cheng            
          4.    Blood of the Covenant 立約的血:
                       立約 The Covenant
                                   曲: 《菩薩蠻》羅斌
                                   Music: Pu Sa Man (Luo Bin)
                                   詞: 李趙福生
                                   Lyric: Li Zhao Fusheng      
          5.    Will of God 神的意旨:
                       神子求 Cup of the Lord
                                   曲: 《卜算子》青主
                                   Music: Bo Suan Zi (Qing Zhu)
                                   詞: 李鯤
                                   Lyric: Li Kun   
          6.    Christ’s Dying Love 犧牲的愛:
                       彼此相愛 Love One Another
                                   曲: 《峨眉山月歌》羅忠鎔
                                   Music: Moon of Mt. Ermei (Luo Zhongrong)
                                   詞: 汪國順
                                   Lyric: Wang, Guoshun  
          7.    Peter’s Denial 彼得背主:
                       十架路 Way of the Cross
                                   曲: 《念奴嬌》青主
                                   Music: Remembering a Friend (Qing Zhu)
                                   詞: 尤誠
                                   Lyric: You Cheng    
          8.    Lamb of God 神的羔羊:
                       活水源源Fount of Every Blessing
                                   曲: 《紅豆詞》劉雪庵
                                   Music: Red Bean Poem (Liu Xuean)
                                   詞: 李趙福生
                                   Lyric: Li Zhao Fusheng  
          9.    He is Risen 主已復活 :
                  復活 Resurrection
                                    曲: 《春曉》黎英海
                                    Music: Arrival of Spring (Li Yinghai)
                                    詞: 霍永明
                                    Lyric: Fok Youming  
        10.    Great Commission 福音使命:
                       海外兒女祈禱文Prayer of the Sons & Daughters Overseas
                                   曲: 《黃河頌》冼星海
                                   Music: Ode to the Yellow River (Xian Xinghai)
                                   詞: 尤誠
                                   Lyric: You, Cheng  

 2013 復活節  Easter Sunday  神州古韻傳頌主恩萬代
      Poetry has always been held in extremely high regard in China. From the earliest anthologies of Shi Jing (7th Century BC) and Chu Ci, through Tang Poems, Song Lyrics, and Yuan Melodies, to the modern new forms, poetry has deeply touched the Chinese culture and provided a way for both public and private expressions of deep emotions, interpersonal relationships and perspectives in life across more than two millennia. Quotation from famous poems is widespread in the spoken Chinese language.
     Ancient Chinese poetry was almost universally recited or sung in tunes. Although the archaic melodies of Shi Jing and Chu Ci were lost, a wealth of ancient melodies had survived through the Tune Sets of the Song Dynasty, which was subsequent inherited by Kunqu opera, Qin music score, and folk music. Song Lyrics consists of writing poetry to fit the meter and rhyme of a specified tune, much in the same way that Christian hymn writers set new lyrics to pre-existing tunes.
     For the 2013 Easter, in celebrating the victory of Christ’s resurrection, our church choir members have written poetic lyrics set to tunes that date from the Song Dynasty to modern times. These poems are inspired by the biblical accounts of the Passion of Christ. “Ancient Melodies Forever Praising the Lord’s Grace” extols the everlasting love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We would like to thank everyone involved in this challenging offering program. Glory be to God!
     中國素稱「詩的國度」! 詩歌可謂泱泱中華文化六藝之首。 早在公元前七世紀,就記載有「詩經」和「楚辭」; 隨之「唐詩」、「宋詞」及「元曲」又源源而出,直至今日的「現代新詩」,更是數不勝數。
     「詩為心聲」。 這些古往今來的詩歌,在兩千多年的漫長歷史中,成為人們在社會上,或人與人之間情感表達的特殊語言工具,是最本原最本真的藝術,她銘刻了人類的理性與情感,睿智與思索,想象與吶喊。