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孟德爾頌 Felix Mendelssohn
O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let it be known this day that you are God in Israel,
that I am your servant, and that I have done all these things at your bidding.
Answer me, O Lord, answer me, so that this people may know
at you, O Lord, are God, and that you have turned their hearts back.
亞伯拉罕 、以撒 、以色列的 神、耶和華阿、
求你今日使人知道你是以色列的 神、
使這民知道你耶和華是 神、又知道是你叫這民的心回轉。
列王紀上 1 King 18:36-37  

            April 24, 2011
              Libretto      劇本            Video  視頻 

        1.    Prologue                                                   引導  
        2.    Overture - Help, Lord!                             序曲 - 求主!
        3.    If with all your hearts                              你們若專心尋求我
        4.    Blessed are the men who fear Him        敬畏主者便為有福
        5.    Cast thy burden upon the Lord              將你的重擔都卸給主
        6.    Lift thine eyes                                          我要向山舉目
        7.    He, watching over Israel                         主時刻看顧以色列  
        8.    O Rest in the Lord                                   哦安歇於主
        9.    He that shall endure                                惟有忍耐到底的 
      10.    O Come, every one that thirsteth           來吧,一切乾渴的人!
      11.    Thanks be to God!                                   感謝神!

 2011 復活節  Easter  孟德爾遜以利亞 Mendelssohn's Elijah

Elijah Introduction
     When the Birmingham Festival commissioned Felix Mendelssohn to compose and conduct a new oratorio in 1846, the 38-year old composer had long been the most celebrated musician in Europe. Mendelssohn had been a child prodigy, a virtuoso performer on both piano and organ as well as a composer. Mendelssohn was instrumental in mounting a revival of Bach's St. Matthew Passionin Berlin in 1829 that reawakened an interest in Bach's choral music that has lasted to this day.
     Mendelssohn was born into a noble Jewish family but was later born again as a Christian when he accepted Jesus as his savior. Mendelssohn was drawn to the story of the prophet Elijah whom he felt to be "a real prophet through and through, the kind we could use again today - strong, zealous, and yes, even bad-tempered, angry, and brooding - in contrast to practically the whole world - and yet he is borne aloft as if on angels' wings." The score for Elijah was completed just before the premiere on August 26, 1846. The oratorio was an instant success. There was thunderous applause and repeated encores which were unusual in Britain in the Victorian era. It is considered at par with Handel’s Messiah and Haydn’s Creation.
     The Elijah Oratorio is a dramatic depiction of the prophet Elijah as leads the Israelite people back to worship of the one true God. He calls a drought, helps the widow, shames and then destroys the prophets of Baal, and brings rain to a parched land again. The oratorio is in two parts. For our abridged, modified version, we will sing 11 excerpts from the oratorio but recite all the pertinent texts from the books 1 Kings and 2 Kings in the Old Testament.
     The story of Elijah reminds us of the various modern idol worships in this sinful world. We must repent our sins and turn to our Savior Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to redeem us and resurrected triumphantly three days later just over 2000 years ago. He will come again in glory from heaven to judge the living and the dead.
     We would like to thank Sister Fan Ying, Sister Fusheng and Brother Li Kun for their hard work in this translation. Special thanks to Pastor Liu and Mrs. Liu for editing the final version. We also like to thank all members of the choir and ensemble for their dedication to this sacred work. May all of you have a blessed Easter!
      在1846年,費利克斯•孟德爾頌受邀為英國伯明翰音樂節撰寫並指揮一部新的清唱劇。 屆時的孟德爾頌年僅38歲,卻在歐洲早已是著名的音樂家了。孟德爾頌從小就被譽為神童, 他不僅在鋼琴和風琴演奏上頗有造詣,同時也是一名作曲家。1829年,孟德爾頌在柏林指揮演出巴赫的【馬太受難曲】,為巴赫音樂的復興作出了不可磨滅的貢獻,同時也喚起人們對巴赫清唱劇的興趣,並延續至今。
     孟德爾頌出生在一個有名望的猶太家庭,後來他重生得救成為一名基督徒。他被聖經中所記載的先知以利亞的故事所吸引,認為以利亞是“一位真正的先知,他雖具有和普通人一樣的性情: 熱心,烈性,甚至脾氣暴躁、易怒與焦慮,然而神揀選重用以利亞, 使他超過眾天使",孟德爾頌這樣描寫到: 以利亞“被神抬舉好像立於天使的翅膀之上。”在1846年8月孟德爾頌完成了【以利亞】清唱劇的作曲工作, 並於同月的26日首次成功地公演了這部作品,雷鳴般的掌聲和喝彩經久不息, 這在維多利亞時代的英國實屬少見。孟德爾頌的這部【以利亞】與韓德爾的【彌賽亞】和海頓的【創世紀】同稱為三大神劇。
    【以利亞】神劇描述了先知以利亞帶領以色列民眾棄絕別神,重新敬拜唯一的真神。他向神禱告, 使大地乾旱無雨三年半之久、幫助寡婦、嘲弄並戰勝巴力的眾先知、又向神禱告使天降雨解除乾旱。這部神劇共分為兩部分,我們將選唱其中的11首曲目, 並朗誦舊約聖經中列王紀上, 下所有相關經文。 以利亞的故事提醒我們,在這個悖逆的世代有各種形式的偶像誘惑我們去崇拜。我們須回到主耶穌的面前, 認罪悔改。兩千多年前主耶穌為救贖我們而舍身在十字架上,並在三天後榮耀地復活。祂再來的時候將帶著榮耀和權柄,審判一切活著和死去的人。
       我們在此感謝樊瑩姊妹, 李鯤弟兄與福生姊妹夫婦在翻譯工作中的辛勞付出,特別感謝劉宏富牧師和師母對譯文的增色修改。我們也為詩班全體成員和樂器演奏的弟兄姊妹的忠心事奉獻上感謝。 祝大家復活節快樂!