Chinese Baptist Church of New Orleans 新奥尔良华人浸信会 - 紐奧良華人浸信會
Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The NOCBC Luke Tang Memorial Fund (唐章浩紀念基金) is established in collaboration with the Luke Tang Memorial Foundation. Brother Luke Tang (唐章浩) accepted Jesus as his savior and was baptized in 2010 at the NOCBC.  In his short life of 19 years, he served God faithfully and made significant impacts on numerous lives with his passion, care and love.

 Luke's BaptismTestimony

The Luke Tang Memorial Foundation is established by his family (who is a part of the NOCBC), following Luke’s sudden departure in 2015.  The mission of the Luke Tang Memorial Foundation is to prevent tragic events among students with psychiatric disorders. It seeks to promote awareness of psychiatric disorders, especially depression, within the Asian American community, in order to achieve early diagnosis and treatment.

This collaboration is based on mutual understanding of the Luke Tang Memorial Foundation and the NOCBC. The Fund will be utilized to promote the mission of the Foundation and grant scholarship to those who meet the scholarship selection criteria, both of which are consistent with the Christians principles of the NOCBC. 

Donations should be made to the “NOCBC”
with directive for the "Luke Tang Memorial Fund" in the memo section.
The New Orleans Chinese Baptist Church (NOCBC) is a non-for-profit,  tax-exempt, religious organization. Church address: 3413 Continental Drive, Kenner, LA 70065, USA.

2015 Summary
Donations Total: $69,977.83
(534 donors contributed amounts from $5 to $1000 to establish the Luke Tang Memorial Fund)
2016 Summary
Donations Total: $200
Web Setup Expenses: $831.44
Scholarship Awarded: $1000 (one recipient)
2017 Summary
Donations Total: $1,150 
2018 Summary
Donations Total: $3550 
Scholarship Awarded: $1000 (one recipient)
2019 Summary
Donations Total: $1300 
Scholarship Awarded: $1000 (one recipient)
2020 Summary
Donations Total: $1200 
Scholarship Awarded: None 
Fund Total: as of Jan 30, 2021
Luke Tang Fund: $106,207